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I doubt any of you will read this but I’m at a loss of what to do. When I first read about Jessica’s Weibo posts, you couldn’t have paid me to believe they were true. Until SM’s statement came out, I thought without a doubt she’d just been hacked. Jessica was never my bias in SNSD but I came to love her and everything she brought to SNSD and the world of K-Pop. If Jessica was leaving SNSD because that was what she wanted, I would disagree but support her if it meant she’d be happy. But that’s not what’s happening. It’s not fair to expect Jessica, SNSD, or SONEs to just accept this and go on with life. SM removing a member of SNSD is like taking a tire off the world’s most prized automobile and still expecting everyone to buy one. I still haven’t fully accepted the situation, because I really can’t imagine the world letting SNSD go on as an 8 member group, but I can’t stand to see Jessica or any of the other members cry because they’re being forcibly torn apart. It’s awful and it hurts me deeply to see it. I don’t know if the members actually have a say in it, but if they do, please do something. SONEs can wait. Activities can stop for a while. Just please. Please get Jessica back.


can we smuggle shinee out of sm before they get hurt too

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"Calligraphy is a geometry of the soul which manifests itself physically."

—Plato (via observando)
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heechul sunbaenim x teen top

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the last week of september is sea otter awareness week. where most marine mammals rely on a layer of blubber to keep warm in the water, sea otters make use of their thick fur coat. in fact, their fur is so nice that they’ve been hunted by humans for the last three hundred years, and are now an endangered species.

photos by veronica craft (vogue otter), hal beral (sleepy eyes otter), matt maran (shouting otter), tom and pat leeson (peekaboo otter), brian maxwell (cuddling albino otter), suzi eszterhas (happy otter), jeff foot (super excited screaming otter) and joe robertson (holding hands otters)

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Kyro by brixiv on Flickr.

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[Trans] Jonghyun’s Twitter Update 140928 - A Member bought IPhone




There is someone among the member bought IPhone, I am going to bend it and make him sad


Credit: realjonghyun90
Korean to Chinese Translations: MrSHINee
Chinese to English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

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Shironeko and the cute girl from next door who happens to be Kuro’s mother.

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chunji vs chanhee.

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